About Brazil eVisa

The Brazil eVisa (also known as the Brazil Visitor Visa) is an online visa issued for short-term travel related to tourism and business. It may be obtained by nationals of Australia, Canada, and the United States. The Brazilian Government planned the launch of the online visa to Brazil on 10 January 2024.

The electronic visa to Brazil will be issued for foreign nationals for trips related to tourism (cultural events, recreational activities, family meetings) and business (concluding contracts, meeting partners, attending conferences). It may also be issued for purposes of transit to another destination.

The online visa application is effortless and intuitive. The entire procedure can be completed through our website without the need to leave your house. All you need to do is complete a special registration form, upload digital versions of the required documents, and make the processing fee payment.

The standard Brazil eVisa validity period is one year. During this time, you can enter the country multiple times, with each stay lasting up to 90 days (for visa extension, contact the Brazilian Federal Police). Moreover, the combined number of days spent in Brazil cannot exceed 180 days.

Remember to check the current Brazil entry requirements before leaving for the journey abroad. If you fail to collect the required documentation, you will not be allowed to cross the borders.

eVisa Brazil

Brazil eVisa types

There are three types of Brazilian visa online available for travelers from Australia, Canada, and the United States. If they apply online for the Visitor Visa, they should choose the suitable visa type.

  • Brazilian Tourism eVisa – issued for trips related to meeting with friends and family abroad, conducting academic research, and participating in various cultural events.
  • Brazilian Business eVisa – obtainable if you plan on taking part in business conferences, attending professional training, or meeting with clients who are Brazilian citizens.
  • Brazilian Transit eVisa – allows the passenger to travel to Brazil while planning an onward journey to another destination.

Remember: Select the most suitable visa type depending on the activities you wish to pursue in Brazil.

Brazil eVisa online application

Brazil eVisa application is a convenient and uncomplicated procedure, allowing you to easily obtain the required visa. Before proceeding with the registration, it is highly recommended to check if your electronic device is connected to the Internet. This way, you can avoid technical difficulties.

In order to apply online for the Brazil Visitor Visa, follow this short guide:

  1. Fill in the application form with required information (personal data, travel details)
  2. Upload the essential documents to the website (they should be in PDF forms)
  3. Cover the visa application fee (use your credit card, debit card, or payment service)

Before you submit the completed form, check all the provided information for spelling mistakes. If there are any discrepancies between your documents, you may not be given the visa essential to enter Brazil.

As soon as your Brazilian visa is approved, it will be delivered electronically to your e-mail address. Therefore, it is essential that you regularly check your inbox (including the SPAM folder).

eVisa Brazil application

Brazil eVisa validity

The Brazilian Visitor Visa is a multiple-entry visa issued to nationals of Australia, Canada, and the United States. Once you have a valid visa, you can spend up to 90 days in Brazil for each visit.

Keep in mind that the combined duration of your stay in Brazil should not exceed 180 days. What is more, if you wish to request a visa extension, contact the Brazilian Federal Police directly.

List of eligible countries

As for now, the list of citizens allowed to apply for the Brazil eVisa is limited. If you can find your nationality below, it means that you come from an eligible country and can apply for the visa online.

These countries need a valid Visitor Visa to enter Brazil hassle-free:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • United States

Although the visa exemption rules regarding the selected three countries changed over time, no additional changes are about to be implemented on other visa-exempt nationalities in the near future. For more updates, visit the nearest Brazilian Embassy or the official website of the Brazilian Government.

Required documents

Before proceeding with the visa application process, make sure you meet the mandatory requirements. If you fail to obtain the essential documentation, we will not be able to process your visa.

Brazil standard visa requirements

  • Valid passport (with at least 2 blank pages, valid throughout the entire journey)
  • Passenger’s photograph (taken according to the passport standards, white background)
  • Printed bank statement (for the last 30 days, possessing at least 2,000.00 USD for the trip)
  • Proof of making flight reservations both for arrival and departure
  • Proof of covering the fee payment

Brazil Business eVisa additional requirements

If you wish to apply for a Business Visa for Brazil, apart from the standard visa requirements, you are required to comply with additional rules and regulations. It is mandatory that you prepare the following:

  • Official invitation letter from either American or Brazilian company, signed by the supervisor
    • Expected travel duration
    • Title, job description, and salary
    • Nature of company business in Brazil
    • Nature of cooperating company business in Brazil
    • Contact in Brazil: name, phone number, and corresponding position
    • Name and address of the Brazilian company with which the applicant will conduct business
    • Affirmation of company’s financial support of applicant while in Brazil
    • Affirmation of not providing any technical assistance or any paid work while in Brazil

Brazil Children eVisa additional requirements

All travelers under 18 years of age applying for the Brazilian Visitor Visa must meet a few additional requirements. If they do not obey the visa policy, they will not be allowed to visit Brazil.

  • Birth certificate (original and copy)
  • Valid passports of both parents (or their recent ID photographs)
  • Authorization for Issuance of Brazilian Visa for a Minor (signed by both parents)*
    • If one parent is listed on the birth certificate, provide the parent’s signature
    • If one parent has sole custody of the child, provide the notarized copy of the court order
    • If one parent is deceased, provide the death certificate



What is an eVisa for Brazil?

The Brazil eVisa (Visitor Visa) is an electronic visa issued for citizens of Australia, Canada, and the United States. It allows travelers to visit Brazil for up to 90 days as long as their journey is related to purposes of tourism, business, or transit. It may be easily obtained online via our website.

Who needs a visa for Brazil in 2024?

The Brazil eVisa (Visitor Visa) is intended for travelers from Australia, Canada, and the United States. If they would like to visit Brazil short term, it is essential that they have a valid visa on hand. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to enter the country and will face deportation.

Why is Brazil re-introducing visas again?

It is said that Brazil decided to re-introduce visas in accordance with the principle of reciprocity (as the American government requires Brazilian nationals to have a visa for travel). Moreover, the visa system provides an easy way to keep track of people entering and leaving the country.

What documents should I prepare to apply for Brazil eVisa?

The most important document for the Brazil eVisa application is a passport. It must stay in force for the entire duration of your journey. You are also required to have a passport photograph, bank statement, flight reservation, and payment confirmation. Additional documentation may be required.

How to get a Brazil visa online?

It is easy to buy the Brazil eVisa online. Visit our website and complete the registration form, submit the necessary documents, and cover the fee payment. When approved, your visa will be delivered to your e-mail address. The procedure should only take a few minutes and can be done from home.

How long is a Brazil eVisa valid for?

The validity period of the Brazil eVisa (Visitor Visa) is estimated to be one year. During this time, you may visit the country multiple times, with each visit lasting up to 90 days (3 months).

How long can I stay in Brazil with eVisa?

Once you have the approved Brazil eVisa, you can stay in the country for up to 90 days (3 months). During this time, depending on the selected visa type, you may enjoy tourism or business.